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About Us


Prism Park Optical Studio was founded in 2020
(the year of the eye exam!)

Prism Park came to be because we thought there was a better way to sell glasses. With over 15 years in the business, seeing how other companies and the industry as a whole operates, we are bringing the best selection that's priced for everyone.
Frankie Wingle has been working in the optical field for over 15 years.He's worked across every department in the field (from Optician to Biller, Lab Guy to District Manager). Frankie's spent time at Luxottica Retail, EYEQ.ity & JD Visions slanging glasses and helping people see.Frankie is a native to Hazel Parker, where he lives with his Husband and two fur kids: Regina & Milo.When he's not working, he loves organizing and nerding out with his favorite anime.


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