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We now have 2 Locations

Downtown Ferndale MI

195 W Nine Mile Road #210

Ferndale, MI 48220


Located on Nine Mile, West of Woodward, in the Ferndale Arts Building

Hazel Park MI

23411 John R Road # 4

Hazel Park, MI 48030 


Located on John R, north of Nine Mile, near Kroger

What Makes Us Different

Glasses are one of the first things that most people notice about you, so finding the Perfect Pair is our #1 Priority. Prism Park Optical Studio is the happy bridge to buying glasses at an online price with an in-person expert to guide your eyewear journey. With over 15 years in the Optical Biz, we like to live by a few key pillars:




-Eccentric & Whimsy

We don't want clients to feel that buying glasses is a chore or not understanding what you're getting. We connect with you around what your lifestyle needs are and we marry them with what makes sense. 

Our locations are found in somewhat non-traditional optical environments, such as the Hazel Park Medical Center, being dab in the middle of multiple medical practices. Or Downtown Ferndale, located in the Ferndale Arts Building, that promotes a more intimate & one on one interaction. We want buying glasses to be as exciting as the day that you pick them up! 

We can't wait to earn your trust and take care of your eyewear.

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